Home Improvement

Move Your Furniture Before Cleaning It

Before you use any cleaner in your kitchen, be sure to carefully read the label on your furniture. Some woods and upholstery may require special care. You might only need soap and warm water to clean them. Regular dusting and polishing can make your furniture last longer while it is in storage.

Protect Your Furniture

Although it may seem tempting to just load everything on the truck immediately to speed up the process, this is how most things end up being damaged and broken. Protect your wooden furniture, appliances, or other items by wrapping them in padding to prevent scratches and scuffs on their arrival at destination. When placing other items on top or alongside your belongings, keep the padding in place.

How to Store Your Furniture The Right Way

Protective padding can be used to protect furniture, appliances and other items. However, it is a good idea to limit the number of items that you stack on top. When moving items into storage units, arrange the largest items along the walls. This will create a U-shape as you look into the unit from outside. When stacking items, be mindful to keep the largest and most heavy items at the bottom and the heaviest at the top.

Keep Things Clean in Storage Units

It is important to clean your furniture before you store it. This will make sure it remains in good condition even when you are not using it. This will also save you time when you pull your furniture out of storage. Greenbar Storage is the best choice for clean storage facilities. have you covered. No matter how long your items are on their way, our units will protect them.

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