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7 Key Components of an Asphalt Shingle Roof


  1. Framing — The roof’s framing defines its structure and shape. Framing is composed of structural components like rafters or trusses. It determines the roof’s slope and the number of roof planes. To prevent moisture and heat damage, it must be constructed with treated timber.
  2. Decking — This is the decking or roof deck. It’s made up of boards that are nailed to the beams. These create a flat surface on which other roof parts can be attached during roof replacement. These boards are usually made of thick plywood or OSB (oriented-strand board). Tongue-and-groove decking is used for roofing styles that have exposed ceilings.
  3. Underlayment — Also known as felt, underlayment is a protective layer that is placed over the roof deck. It protects the roof structure’s wood components from water infiltration, in the event that the outer shingles are damaged.
  4. Starter Strips — This is the first row on any roofing plane. It is made from the same material as the rest, but it does not come with shingle pieces. Instead, it comes in a single roll. To increase wind resistance and prevent moisture infiltration at roof edges, starter strips are strengthened with adhesive.
  5. Asphalt Shingles — The roof’s main body is covered in asphalt shingles. The roof is installed starting at the bottom and going up to the ridges. This allows for proper coverage and enough overlap.
  6. Flashing — Flashing can be made from metal and protects vulnerable areas like valleys, dormers and other breaks in the roofing plane. Rubber boots are another type of flashing that protects the base of vent pipes or similar protrusions.
  7. Attic Ventilation — The standard attic ventilation system includes exhaust vents at the ridges as well as intake vents at the soffits. Proper attic ventilation keeps the roof structure cool and prevents damage from heat and moisture.

This post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state-certified roofing contractor and co-owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, the best roofing company. He is a 4th generation roofing contractor. RR Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing services for residential homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial buildings, churches, and more. Reggie enjoys dedicating his spare time to helping underprivileged youth in his community and traveling with his family and friends.