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Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

The best time to replace your roof in the year is when you have been able to plan it properly with a professional roofer.

People can make poor decisions later if they feel pressured by a leaky roof or a gaping hole. It is possible to schedule a replacement for weeks depending on when you call your preferred roofing company.

The peak season for roofing is usually late summer or fall. However, this doesn’t mean other times of the year are less effective or better to get your roof replaced.


Many homeowners begin to think about home improvements they can do now that spring is in full bloom. Many homeowners begin to think about replacing their roofs if they are experiencing drafts or leaks from winter weather.

Asphalt shingles require time to attach to your roof and to seal them. This is impossible in temperatures below 45 degrees F. Spring is a great time to replace your roof. However, spring weather can make it difficult to replace your roof. Rain can cause delays in your installation, but skilled roofers are able to adapt to changing weather conditions and have backup plans for when the skies open up.


Summer through fall are the busiest times of year for most roofing contractors. It is a time when the weather is warm and consistent enough to allow all tools to work, and it is also the best time to book roof replacements. The best time of year to replace your roof is late spring or early summer. This is because the rain has stopped in most climates and the heat and humidity of late Summer haven’t yet set in.

However, this optimal time is not for everyone. This can lead to increased prices and limited time slots. Although roofing contractors will work with homeowners to find the best time to do your roof, due to the increase in appointments, it might take a while for them to reach your home.

You may have to do your roof installation during extreme heat or humidity if your summer project is pushed back too much.


You can do a simple Google search to find out that fall is the best season for roof replacements. Fall is the most popular season for roof replacements because of the combination of cold weather and winter.

Fall is a great time of year to seal shingles. The temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees F with little chance of rain. Roofers can work longer hours due to the cooler temperatures. This will allow them to finish projects faster.

Many people vie for the same appointments for roof replacements. It can take weeks or even longer to get your new roof. The most important roof replacements are often handled by roofing contractors first.


Roofers can find winter difficult. It doesn’t matter if winter falls on your schedule or you have to deal with an emergency, it is important to plan ahead.

When temperatures fall below 40 degrees F, replacing a roof can be difficult. Thermal sealing is required for shingles to set. This can be done quickly in warmer temperatures but could take several days or even weeks in colder climates. Shingles can crack or split if they get too cold.

It is possible to have your roof replaced in winter, provided the roofing contractor is knowledgeable and flexible to changes in the weather. Shingles that are stored properly in warm conditions and quickly applied using specialized tools can seal as well as those applied in spring or summer. Winter roof replacements have another advantage: roofers can book less work, which could mean you get a better deal. If you are flexible with your schedule, a reputable contractor will guarantee the quality and safety of their work.

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