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Replace Your Toilet Seat With a Swan S Pro for More Comfort and Luxury

Upgrade to the Swan S Pro toilet seat for maximum comfort and design when using the restroom alone. Because of its several functions, this multifunctional toilet and bidet provides unrivaled elegance and convenience. It encourages you to use the restroom on a daily basis by adding more customizable features and eliminating common concerns.

Creative Toilet Features

When you take use of these distinctive qualities, you will be more likely to use the toilet seat.

Hands-Free Function

The toilet seat automatically raises up as you approach it, thanks to built-in sensors. It has an auto flush function and a kick sensor that closes after use, providing a tactile feel. The programmed soft-glow LED light on this device allows you to avoid turning on the lights at night while going about your business.

An Elegant and Comfortable Toilet Seat

There is a temperature control system built into the antimicrobial Swan S Pro seat. For the purpose of preserving a constant and uniform temperature, it makes use of a one-of-a-kind ceramic core heating element.

Cleaning Experience Like a Spa

The toilet fixture’s ionized silver ABS-treated stainless-steel nozzle provides antibacterial protection. It adds small bubbles to the water flow to oxygenate it. The resulting flow offers a relaxing, spa-like effect.

The pressure, temperature, and wash position may all be adjusted to your specifications. After being rinsed with water and an antibacterial UV light, the nozzle retracts automatically, saving you the hassle of cleaning it after each use.

Automatic Deodorization of Air-Drying

Your bidet’s forced air units clean and disinfect the bowl after each use. They circulate the air to quickly dry the toilet. To keep the space odor-free, the charcoal filters at the bottom of the toilet absorb processed air.

Experience Personalized Service at Your Fingertips!

The device’s remote control panel allows you to independently alter the settings. You may also use a smartphone smart app to change it.

Simple to Set Up

Despite its many features, the Swan S Pro does not require any substantial toilet modifications. It’s roughly the size of a standard toilet seat, but it requires an electrical outlet. If your bathroom does not already have an outlet, you may contact an electrician for a nominal cost to install one.

The toilet seat installation will still need the assistance of a plumber. Learn about local pricing for new installs and replacements. If you reside in Los Angeles, you may replace your old toilet seat with a new one or have it fitted for a reasonable charge. For further information on pricing for Los Angeles residents, go to the Swan S Pro website.

Modernize your toilet right now!

It is time to utilize the Swan S Pro toilet, which will provide you with the highest possible level of comfort and convenience. The toilet fixture offers a one-of-a-kind private experience by blending comfort, style, and functionality in a single package. At this point, you should grin and grab your bidet toilet before heading to the restroom.