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5 Effective Methods to Make Use of Split Canvas Prints!!

If you are wondering how I can use my split canvas prints for restyling or renovating my home, then probably after this guide you will get to know everything about split canvas printing options with possible designing.

When it comes to making a bold statement, then making use of multi-piece canvas prints is one of the most interesting ways to generate a unique artwork and stands out completely among the other decor options. Whether you are about to transform your office or home, you can convert any image, poster or painting to split canvas artwork as per your needs. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to secure consistency and attractiveness in your split canvas.

Let’s go ahead with those strategies:

  1. Keep the Flow Consistent

Indeed, you’ll want your new split canvas prints to flow with the design of your living room, lobby or office space. Therefore you’ll want to take into consideration a few key ideas in several areas. In case you are not really sure about what should be the next move when it comes to the structure, composition, and design of your artwork, then first you need to decide where exactly you want this artwork to be placed to keep the flow consistent. If you are using canvas prints for living room then probably you need to have a bigger picture as a central focus rather than tiny pieces.

  1. Always order Multi-Canvas Prints in groups of 2, 3 4 or 5!!

After picking the right image as per your preferences with your home décor, now you will have to think about getting the piece as a whole first then break it down further into tiny pieces. The correct size of your digital image with the correct number of pieces can help you to maintain the image quality. Here, usually, the bigger is better in terms of the size of your digital image. An artwork with a DPI (dots per inch) of 300 is excellent for canvas prints for bedroom.

  1. Now it’s time to Play With your Scissors

Once after selecting the picture to be used for your split canvas, you need to play with your scissors to determine the type of panel you want to showcase. Before proceeding further, you should have at least 4 to 5 copies of your artwork with you. Try to make cuts from different angles and with references or different designs. In this way, you can have an idea of the final print for the printing after splitting the canvas into pieces.

  1. Determine the proportions and layout of Your Artwork

For fun-loving crafting, you can make use of printed pieces and then come up with a wide range of picture positions. For achieving this, you can fold your paper in half, and after this cut the same to figure out its appearance in two sections. You can repeat this process for getting the split canvas design in a quad design, for this, you need to fold it vertically & horizontally. You can repeat this all over again to attain as many sections as you need. You can order canvas prints online to play with multiple designs and copy the same to your actual canvas prints.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open!!

Let’s reflect on our consideration of an instance to achieve a better illustration of the entire process. Suppose you have a canvas print or you can order the same to get same day canvas printsto radically change into a 3-piece canvas artwork and when you are going ahead with the sub-division of three sections, then you recognise that it cuts your child’s face ((or any other main object) in half, this gives an unappealing composition. In such cases, it is necessary to discover multiple options. If your multi-piece canvas artwork is not able to generate a favoured look, then don’t hesitate to proceed with experimenting. For instance, you can try slicing the photo into 4 vertical sections or even 4 squares. Assess every variant to decide which association exceptionally fits your cut-up canvas prints.

At last, when you are working with your split canvas prints, always assure about consistency in flow with the overall impression and its positioning. You also need to leave tiny gaps in between. Your split canvas print should be harmonious when placed together to reinforce the entire print cohesively.