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Alternative Garden Designs That Are Great For The Summer

With summer soon approaching, it is time to start thinking about how we can best set about enjoying our homes. If interior, and exterior, design is left ill-considered, then we are likely to find ourselves unable to relax indoors. Homes can feel stuffy or poorly ventilated. Even gardens, though outdoors, can be inappropriate for the height of summer. This is especially true if they lack shade under which residents can cool themselves. 

To help get homes ready for the coming heat, we’re sharing our favourite garden designs, those that will help you to enjoy your summer months fully.

Dining Areas

A great way to improve your living space during particularly hot periods is to begin dining outdoors. This can be a social activity but, with the right garden design, it can also be made into a regular and effortless habit. If your garden has the right foundations, such as a decking or concrete surface, it is easy to add a table and chairs. For a more rustic design, benches have become popular too. 

Once you have these basics in place, it is important to consider shading options. If there is no foliage to sit beneath, then it is best to consider a gazebo or awning because, otherwise, you’ll find yourself only able to sit outdoors with a meal outside of the day.

Garden Cabin

Having an outdoor structure, such as a summer house or a log cabin, can be a fantastic way to encourage the family to spend more time in the garden. These structures allow for a covered space that is closely integrated with the garden, allowing natural light to flow through and being open to natural elements. 

More residents are seeking log cabins for sale so that they can begin hosting garden parties or social events at their homes. With the addition of a cabin, hosts can set up covered dining areas, personal bars, or even an entertainment space for their guests to enjoy.

Considered Foliage

One of the most frustrating aspects of a garden space during the summer is the presence of unwanted critters. These insects can be a particular disruption if you are looking to relax without a constant buzzing or perhaps fear of a sting. 

While it is near impossible to rid your garden of insects, you can deter certain visitors with plants. Petunias, for example, have a reputation for keeping many bugs away with their wonderful aroma. Lavender too, while enjoyed by the bees, will keep many others away. Just remember that the latter is poisonous to cats!


While the days may be long, it is the warmth that goes further. As such, you will likely find yourself outdoors after the sun has set wanting to enjoy the cooling air for a longer time. To do so comfortably, you and your guests will need light. 

Instead of choosing an overpowering headlight, look into softer and more aesthetically pleasing garden light designs, such as scattered solar lamps that will give your outdoor space a natural and warming glow.