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Tips on Removing & Cleaning Baby Poop from Your Bathtub

It may be your first time as a parent to experience something out of the blue like your little darling pooping in the tub without warning. Of course, you can’t guess when exactly your baby will release his own ‘suds’ but when such a thing happens, the best thing that you can do is to keep your cool. Screaming won’t just do you any good as this can only alarm the tot and make things more unmanageable.

In times like these, removing and cleaning baby poop in the bathtub is just one simple concern. The other is, if faecal matters go down the tub drain and then cause blockage. When this happens, better call your trusted local plumber in Croydon to help you out.

How to Remove and Clean Baby Poop from the Bathtub

Try these simple clean up steps below:

  1. Get your baby out of the tub as fast as you can.

Rinse him off quickly under the shower or in another tub. Give him another bath with soap and water after which pat him dry with a clean towel then put him in a safe place. Make sure to wash his hands well with soap and water as there might be traces of poop left which can find its way into his mouth.

Experts in child care say that giving the baby a fresh bath in another tub after such an ‘unfortunate’ incident is good for his health.

  1. Remove faecal matter by scooping it with a disposal cup.

Flush poop down the toilet. If it’s a bit solid, you may opt to drain the waste water first and with gloves on your hands, grab the chunk especially the one that lodges at the drain entrance then flush it down the toilet.

  1. Sanitise your tub completely using water and your favourite bathroom cleaner.

Drain the tub then wipe it down with a clean cloth or sponge moistened with a disinfectant. Leave it to dry.

  1. Wash thoroughly and disinfect all the toys that were left in the poop-ridden water.

Rinse well then set them aside on a clean towel to dry. A sanitising solution made from mixing one-half cup of bleach with one gallon of water should be good enough to rinse the bath toys that have come in contact with the poop.

  1. Use water disinfectant.

If the poop has a somewhat watery consistency and mixes with the water which is now impossible to scoop out, put some disinfectant cleaner in the water. Let it stand for a few minutes before emptying the tub.

  1. Cleanse the bathtub using a bleach-water solution made from mixing one cup of bleach with one gallon of water.

Drain the tub. For the final touch, wipe with a clean cloth moistened with the disinfectant solution or use a spray. Let it stand for some minutes. Air-dry your tub.

With these tips above, rest assured you’d become more vigilant and physically and mentally prepared the next time around. And if you encounter other plumbing emergencies, make sure to contact a licensed plumber in Croydon before issues get worse.