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All you need to know about rodent control

Rodents are a group of creatures that cause too much nuisance once they enter your homes. Seeing rodent droppings inside the house can give homeowners nightmares. These pesky creatures not only damage property but also transmit serious diseases. These rodents enter the house looking for food and water sources. Once they find such a source, they start thriving and cause a pest infestation in your house. It is very important to get rid of these pests from inhabiting your home and block all the entry points that allow them to enter the house easily. 

Now, learn more here about all you need to know about rodent control:

Look out for signs that show rodent infestation: Rodent infestation is very easy to notice. Rodent droppings and gnaw marks are the main indicators that you have an infestation. Another sign that indicates rodent infestation is the ammonia-like urine odor that these rodents leave behind. Some other clues are hidden stash of food and greasy streak marks along baseboards or wall bottom. 

Apply rodent-proofing techniques: To control rodents from entering the house you can take simple measures like applying rodent-proofing techniques. Some of the ways are – to cover all the openings like ventilators, sewage, etc. with any kind of expanded metal, use gloss paint on rough walls to make the surface smooth for rodents to climb, proof all the horizontal pipes, wires, and cables, seal all the small openings to the kitchen, etc. 

Use rodent traps: This is the most common measure taken to control rodents. You can use live traps, break-back traps, or glue and sticky traps to catch these pests. 

Rodenticides: These are poison for rodents and once they consume them they can die within an hour. However, the use of such pesticides should be done with care if you have children and pets inside the house. 

Natural repellants: You can also use non-toxic natural methods to keep these pests out of the house. For example – you can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them at all entry points to the house. The smell acts as a repellant for these pests.

Rodent infestation cannot be taken care of on your own. Do-it-yourself strategies will only work temporarily in removing these pests from the house. Rodent control needs a full-proof solid plan. The wise thing to do in such a situation is to call a professional pest management control company that will eliminate this problem permanently. Such companies have trained and licensed professionals who will detect the problem from the source and give you back a pest-free home.