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Guide to choosing tiles: General basics and installation guidelines

Having a dream house means you need to consider the essential factors during house renovation. These factors reflect your lifestyle, personality, and pride of owning the property. Both interiors and exteriors have to be considered during house renovation. Tiles play a vital role in changing your house’s looks. Picking the right floor and wall tile can create a positive image on the visitors or guests. Moreover, these release good vibes always in the house environment.

Club Ceramic floor tiles or similar brands have a list of guidelines to help you choose the right tile for your property. With these basics, you will be able to make the right choice in regard to color, size, shape, finish, style, and more…

Guide to choosing tiles: Tips and tricks:

  1. Tiles make one of the ideal decisions that do not let you worry for years. It is because of their durability. Study a little about tiles before reaching out a tile supplier. Seek support from a house designer if you are installing tiles for the first time. 
  2. Visit a few tile suppliers in your location to understand the varieties and options. Learn the difference between floor and wall tiles. The type of tile may vary as per the structure such as bathroom, garden, kitchen, balcony, swimming pool, living room, entrance, patio, etc…
  3. Learn the hardness or thickness of the tile. You need to heavy tiles for floor where you expect more traffic and usage. Similarly, for areas with no footfall, Class 1 or similar tiles can be used such as walls.
  4. Another critical factor to consider is to understand the porosity of various types of tiles. For instance, high quality tiles are recommended in areas where you expect more moisture. Bathroom, laundry room, swimming pool, and kitchen, are a few examples of the same.
  5. Check the surface of the tiles. Compared to options like mosaic, slate, or pebble stone, ceramic make the best choice as these have anti-slip surfaces. Thus, these are highly preferred as floor options especially by families with kids, pets, and elder citizens around.

A few more considerations to make other than above as suggested by Club Ceramic floor tiles include;

  • Tile size
  • Preferred room for installation
  • Tool and techniques used
  • Finding the right supplier
  • Warranty on quality of material
  • Installation cost and budget
  • Range of options with the supplier