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Kitchen Refacing: Are They Worth Your Money?

A high-quality kitchen cabinet hinge will ensure a cabinet lasts a lifetime. While the manufacturer does not guarantee how long a cabinet can survive, they stand behind their product. The manufacturer is confident in its quality and offers a lifetime guarantee. An individual should not waste their money on a low-quality kitchen cabinet, considering it will only double or triple their expenditures.

It will begin to fall apart in five-ten years if the person uses it a lot, which is relevant for such furniture is used daily.

A kitchen refacing project involves simple tasks such as replacing cabinet doors, drawer faces, and face frames. A primary refacing job takes approximately two to four working days. Additional cabinets and counters may require longer. A basic refacing project usually requires one or two skilled craftspeople. This job involves removing an old finish, applying a brand new one, filling out nail holes, and trimming hedges.

Refacing cabinets cost less than replacing them and takes less time. Refacing is the replacement of drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and drawer handles with newer versions. Once the cabinets are refaced, the veneer is placed over them. Many colors and finishes are available. It’s an excellent option for homeowners who want a kitchen remodel but don’t want too much spending. A person can choose between various options depending on which style cabinets they have, whether modern or antique.

The kitchen cabinet Torrance remodelling company, Mr. Cabinet Care gives out great options to make the household more attractive to potential buyers and sellers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be costly, but the results can make someone’s cooking space more appealing to potential buyers.

But is it worth putting your energy, time, and money into such a project?

Continue reading the infographic for the one of the many prevalent kitchen remodeling Laguna Beach company; Mr. Cabinet Care shares all reasons why refacing a kitchen is profitable: