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How to make your door a custom door:

We all have custom doors installed in our houses and they all are of various kinds you have house doors, cabinets and so the list goes on. You can have them all pre-made or you can have them made according to your wishes but there is also another option which means you get the doors as such that they were installed first in the house or the place that you own but you can by the flick of a wand make them into custom art pieces.

Just imagine that you are walking down a road or just on a stroll through the new neighborhood and one of the houses just catches your eyes and you stop in your tracks and just look at that house amazed by the beauty of the design and personality that home shows just because of having a different and distinct door. This door can be yours.

It would not be that easy, to be honest, it will require lots of thinking, time, and labor as well, but the product would be worth it. Now there are a lot of things that you can change and have them made separately. Let us dive into some of the ways of converting your mainstream door into a celebrity show special door.

Plan: the main door or the door which you wish to customize is the one that will stick out like a sore thumb if you do not think about it all before making a drastic change. Now you can start with small baby steps to get yourself used to the changes that will be coming into your house. Start by adding some plants by the door, then change the hinges or the door knocker. Then think about changing the color to something different. You can always choose bold statement colors or mix and match patterns to decide what looks good.

Paint job: just as we said above the next thing you need to do or do is paint your door a new color. This will be a tremendous change in your life. Look around your place and see the walls and the porch or curbside if the walls and areas surrounding the door are light then go with bold colors if not then use lighter or pale colors.

Lighting: one of the things that add to the beauty of the house is to make it light up either with fairy lights or a sweet lamp above your door or two on the sides. Lightning makes it easier for you and your guests to find your house easily and it also makes your door look in a unique way making the color pop and chic.

Accessorize the door: there are a lot of things even a simple door requires to make it a door. You need bells, door knockers, nameplates, locks, bird eye, and any other thing you wish to install. Make them so that they match the current styles and looks. B cautious they go with your intended theme so that it looks classy and not out of order.