Real Estate


When you set out buy a new property or sell your existing property, you can be assured that it will be a challenging task. With the ever changing property dynamics, you will be met with new surprises at every twist and turn of your transaction. You can do this transaction entirely on your own, or you can engage the services of a professional property agent, who has updated knowledge of the realistic rates of the area where your property is located. With so many property brokerage firms and real estate agents to choose from, finding the perfect property agent who will do complete justice to your transaction is indeed a challenge. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right property agent for either buying or selling a property.

Referrals make a difference

Like in any other service, you too have customers in the real estate sector who have had either good or bad experiences with property agents. You should check with your friends and relatives in the locality for any good property agents they can refer to you. Many real estate agents have grown their business on the strength of their excellent service and the goodwill they have generated through their fair business practices. These agents make sure that customer satisfaction is their first priority. arkade aura santacruz west is planned to offer a modern lifestyle to all the residents.

Check their online presence

Like property hunting has now become digital first, similarly property agents can also be searched online. When you type in the keywords “best property agent near me”, the search engine will return details of all those local brokers who have created their website. On their website, you will know more about them, as in how many years they are in this business, how many properties they have sold and, most importantly, you can also read testimonials of satisfied customers who vouch for the agent’s quality of service and how professional they are in their approach. You can then accordingly shortlist a few agents, contact them to fix an appointment and set the process of buying or selling a property rolling.

Avoid lone rangers

Since there are so many property brokers in the market, and some of them are just a “one-man-show” operating out of nowhere, you should choose a real estate agent who at least has a proper office and a small of team of tele-callers and database managers. Since a particular locality has many properties, both under construction, ready possession, first sale and second sale, the agent’s teams should have an updated list of them all. Also, property brokers work in collaboration with each other, as different brokers will have different properties. In addition to the property details, the broker’s team should also have an updated list of all the brokers in the locality and the respective properties they are offering for sale. If you work with a broker who does have all of the above, you will not get the best deal due to lack of mandatory information on part of the broker. arkade aura santacruz offer well-appointed and exclusive residences.

Push them away if they’re pushy

If the property agent you’ve chosen insists on you buying some properties which he has with him, and goes out of his way to try and convince you for a speedy transaction, be assured that the agent has a vested interest in selling any of those properties. Maybe the sellers of those properties have promised him an added incentive or he has struck a fixed price deal with them for selling the property higher than the fixed price and pocketing the difference. Now this is a straight loss to you as usually you would have paid him 2% brokerage of the total transparent price.

To conclude, we recommend that you go through a broker for your property transaction as that will give you more options and a better deal, However, before you finalise the property agent, ensure that you have diligently followed all the points we have share above.