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Can a Metal Roof Help You Save On Your Energy Bills?

Metal roofs are reflective and can reduce your energy costs. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV rays better than roofs made of asphalt or shingles. A metal roof can also be used as an insulation layer during winter when properly underlayed and insulated.

Continue reading to learn more about how a metal roofing system can save you money on energy bills and what you can do make it even better.

Solar panel friendly metal roofs

A metal roof can be energy efficient by itself, but adding solar panels to it will allow you to save more on heating and cooling. Solar energy systems have been growing in popularity and have fallen in cost over the years. If you choose the right type of metal panels for your roof to withstand solar panel system weight (your AtlasRoofing contractor will be able to help you make sure), then you can get a solar system installed quickly.

Professionally installed metal roofing and solar panels systems can reduce your home’s environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. They also increase your home’s value.

Your metal roof can harvest rainwater

Metal roofs are durable and can collect run-off water from buildings. Metal roofs are also less likely to harbor bacteria than other roofing materials. This can help reduce the potential for contaminants to grow and pollute rainwater harvested.

All rainwater harvested from roofs should be filtered before it is used, regardless of its type.

Recycle metal roofs at the end their useful life span

Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly because they can be recycled after their 40-70 year lifespan. This is unlike other roofing materials.

What could a metal roofing actually do to reduce your energy costs?

A professionally installed metal roof can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 25% for homeowners and businesses.

Metal roofs can save up to 25% on your energy bills and are recyclable and water harvesting. They’re the best choice for homeowners and businesses looking to save money and protect the environment.

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